Try to install OS X 10.11 in Windows 10

I dont know why I have a such idea…to install OS X in my laptop. It is not a smart idea because the broken battery… People always buy a Macbook but install Windows by bootcamp, why not buy a Windows laptop and install OS X at a 1/3 price ?

I just wanted in install OS X as the secondary operate system until I found it was full of risks. To secure my Windows I decided to install the OS by VMware. Hence I got a VMware pro 14.

But to install OS X instantly is impossible. It seems like a kind of protection was working on. I find an application to patch it. As the installing file was ready I started my MAC EXPERIENCE.

I gave my OS X 4G RAM and 2×2 cpu (my laptop’s cpu is i7-6700hq).   However then I find that it is not enough though.


My main language is Chinese so I chose to install simplified Chinese version.

Waiting is long and I guess I didn’t give enough resource to it. And the harddisk was 100GB hdd. The real experiment would be not so swift as A REAL MAC.


Installing is done. The following work is to login my apple ID and …… you know, many things.


My “deskop”


Well, I waited a few seconds to run safari. I think I have to install some driver or sth.

On weekend I will ENJOY my “MACBOOK”, but id say maybe it wont be nice unless I improve its “hardware”. Another reason is that I might have no weekend this time…Study is such a thing use up your time but you have to do.

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